FOR SALE OR NOT FOR SALE? – A Script That Has You Written In To Win Starring Kara Royster

You can’t buy me.

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4 sale

Opening Scene = Random Guy Sees Kara With “Buy Me” Shirt On.

Random Guy: Oh, well since you put it like that, well, how much?

Kara: You can’t buy me.

Random Guy (Sarcastic Voice): Oookayyy, well then, why, do you have, a shirt on, that says, “Buy Me” then?

Kara (Authentic Woman’s Attitude Voice): Um, well, because, I CAN, muthfucka! Anymore questions? Time is money, you know?

To Be Continued…


Moral Of The Story (PH New Hollywood/New Economy Solution)

Thinking out loud…

This post came about through a review of last week’s post starring Zendaya about shifting the focus to a great looking future along with the goal of really walking my talk with the words in this Instagram post, to add even more validity to the Twitter embedded posts featured above this paragraph regarding the notion that Hollywood is in essence, some words and pictures combined with pimp-tacular visualization techniques to keep the show moving forward, so the idea of this post is to work with a working example as provided by Kara and her highly valued Disney T.V. show script as seen above, combined with the out of this world notion that individuals are actually following either a winning or losing script in their actual lives as also seen in the Instagram image and caption provided by Kara which subsequently gave birth to this story, so that I can begin to perhaps simply place some of these words into a colorful paper packet in the scripting format that the professionals of the craft currently use to make magic happen, or perhaps just reinvent a totally new and improved format for such said professionals to work with, in conjunction with our New Hollywood/New Economy initiatives that were again, inspired by wishing upon a star who really gets it, a star named Kara Royster!

Another “P” True Hollywood Story.