MONEY IS NOT A PROBLEM (Part 2) – Life = Women + Money Starring The Money Girls Ft. Floyd Mayweather

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Moral Of The Story (Money Team Solution)

Good News!

It looks like we have Floyd Mayweather and The Money Team on board with the idea that is described in detail in the first part of this article and from here, we will just continue to fine tune the process and continue to build the plane while it is in flight.

For now, you can just picture it as a story about some brothers from another planet, that came to this planet for a visit, and decided to develop a machine similar to The Western Wall In Jerusalem that makes it so that the words and pictures posted within this designated space that start off in ones imagination, can and will become an in the flesh reality, and while it may very well seem like the women are with Mayweather because of the money, back on our planet, it would show that the money is with Mayweather because of the women, due to the code stated in the title of this post showing that life itself is a result of a combination of both and their attraction to one another.

To Be Continued!