LET “HER” GET IT!!! – PH 2016 Grammy’s Review Starring Taylor Swift And Selena Gomez ft. Kendrick Lamar



Only at the ‪#‎GRAMMYs‬! Selena Gomez, Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift

get itkendrickselenakendrick2

I’mma put you on game for the lames that don’t know they’re a rookie
Instagram is the best way to promote some pussy.”

-Kendrick Lamar
No More Parties In L.A.
From The Life Of Pablo Album by Kanye West

Moral Of The Story (PH Go Getter Solutions)

Well let’s see here.

Taylor has 66.5 million followers on Instagram, while Selena has 65.3 million followers, with Kendrick following up from behind with a mere 2.1 million followers on Instagram, and as misogynist as Kendrick’s lyrics that are quoted above my sound to some, the current trends in showbiz all across the board, along with the video above are showing that the universe is in full agreement with the notion which would make the idea of Pimpin’ Butterflies a more how should we say???

A more supportive, executive, and managerial approach to our efforts as young black males in the New Hollywood for a #NewEconomy.

On with the show because the show must go on!

Another “P” True Hollywood Story!