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Bad bitch contest you’re in 1st place

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Moral Of The Story (PH Female Empowerment Solution)


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T.G.I.M. (Thank Got It’s Monday)

Reverse Psychology 101…

You know, a woman has got to be really really careful about who and what she chooses to entertain as proper and associate her name and face with in this day and age, especially with something with a name like using a rich choice of words like “Bad Bitch” and “Big Booty Ho’s”, because the dangers are that she may very likely wind up becoming a super successful multimillionaire wife/mother/businesswoman with the most followers and likes on social media and have multi-billion dollar corporations trying to associate themselves with her name and face along with “high class” fashion magazines and designers looking to have her help to add some soul/value to their brands, and even worse have the front running democratic candidate shooting to become the first female POTUS believing that association with her is definitely a plus, and, nah, that aint what she really wants because although it’s what actually works as demonstrated by Kim Kardashian West and her siblings and close associates, it’s just a totally different perspective to consider than what she may have been conditioned to believe are the proper steps to take on the road map to the promised land of milk and honey with real success and lots and lots of money!