DEVOTION – A Prerequisite To Rock With And A Demonstration By The Monastery Of Angels


The Monastery of the Angels

 1977  Carmen Avenue Los Angeles, CA 96800
(323) 466-2186

Mission Statement

As Dominican Contemplative Nuns, we have withdrawn from the world in such a way as to embrace everyone in the heart of Christ. As a community, we are called by God to witness to his love, to adoration and prayer, with the Word of God as the center of our lives. We seek to sustain the Church, to intercede for mankind. Through our life of prayer and study we bring to fruition God’s loving Word in the World.



Moral Of The Story (Thinking Out Loud)

It’s like The Good Book says.

Matthew 7:7 –  Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

There are plenty of people looking to build brands these days, yet PH is more like a religion and culture, and with that said, in order to really take it to the next level and beyond, the time has come to make some adjustments to our approach and establish some ground rules beginning first with setting solemn devotion as a prerequisite for participation, and while it may seem somewhat other worldly and super religious to some, the actual facts are that this featured monastery is located in the heart of Hollywood, CA at the foot of the hill beneath the famed HOLLYWOOD sign along with the location of the bakery that offers the Bread Of Angels that is often given as a gift to Hollywood Walk Of Fame star recipients as well as other notable individuals.

L.A. City Council member Tom LaBonge is a big fan. When he visited the monastery the other day, he said he buys loaves to give as gifts during the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremonies and other special occasions.

“I gave President Obama, when he was running for office, a loaf of bread,” LaBonge says.

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In closing, according to the imagery provided by the sisters of this order, it appears that they envision Jesus Christ setting a prerequisite of solemn devotion in order to back them up on their mission in the land beneath the Hollywood Sign, and in all honestly, before publishing this message, I just felt in my heart that it is a solid example to follow and a divinely inspired perspective to consider.