ACTION REQUIRED – Active Status Is How We Separate The Movers And Shakers From The Losers And Fakers


Moral Of The Story (Active Status Solution)

Welcome Home and Congratulations!

We have made it to another first day of the month in 2015, so let’s be thankful and use our extended time wisely.

Today, the decision was made to do things a bit differently at the start of the month by bringing you as the viewer into the “front office” so to speak, so that you can monitor some of the communications that take place in my own personal email inbox, as opposed to sharing some cute memes and quotes that sound like they might could be correct but have no test action and results to back up the ideology , so that those of you who follow along looking for insight in regards to how to make your hopes and dreams into actual realities can gain a more insightful understanding of how it is to boss up, act on faith, and really walk your talk.

All in all, the two emails that are featured as screenshots up above are actually two separate matters within the past three to five days, yet they both connect in regards to my name, as well as what they both require and are speaking about, which is taking action, being active, and the concept of activation itself.

The psychology experts do claim that the two ways that people are motivated to act are either by pleasure of attainment, or fear of loss, and for most individuals, the fear of loss tends to be a more effective form of motivation as people will tend to do more to avoid something painful than to move towards something pleasurable, yet over the years, by learning to have a greater control of my mind and emotions, and subsequently my life, I have learned that motivation to act from fear leads to more motivation to act by fear, and while one may avoid what they fear, which is what they don’t desire (pain), they rarely if ever attain anything that they do actually desire (pleasure) as their whole life is spent seeking to avoid what they don’t desire (pain) which takes up the available space on their mental timeline wall for a picture of exactly what they would like to have happen (pleasure) to focus on, and only become aware of it through the observation of someone else having it, reminding them of what they lack (envy), but is really a result of their own decision to invest their own life energy into the maintenance of a comfort zone of mediocrity where they are not too bad off because they have avoided what they fear most, but not absolutely well off either as they no longer have a clear picture of exactly what well off (what they like the most) actually is for them, again, until


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it is shown to them in someone else’s possession as a separate the movers and shakers from the losers and fakers perspective to consider.