WORKING GIRLS AND THE NEW ECONOMY (Part 2) – A Most Excellent Demonstration Starring Kendall Jenner


sorry I’m just all emotional and excited about what happened yesterday. last one for now 😋

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just da baby 😘

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Moral Of The Story (PH Job Creation Solution)

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From this perspective, there seems to be an alarming trend happening that has worthy young women of the world who enjoy dressing up in their underwear and walking around on stage in an attempt to be pleasing to us and earn millions of dollars in the process feeling like it’s just the correct thing to do, and to be absolutely honest, we are not at all mad @ that, but actually rather glad @ that as it demonstrates the validity of the idea that employment opportunities in the new economy are being created and shaped by working girls along with us here @ Mighty Mighty who fully support, stand by, and agree with this cause.

Once again it’s on, with the show, because the show, must go on.