ACCOLADES – Nicki Minaj Says “You Might Could Need To Get You Some” (Life = Women + Money)

Attention‼️ I love God. According to Universal Records, this year alone, my album catalogue sold 325K worldwide and #ThePinkprint is now at 4 Million worldwide‼️ Since January, I’ve received 11 billboard entries, and yesterday with that ASCAP award, I became the most awarded female rapper in history‼️To top it all off, this year I received the title for most Hot 100 entries by any woman in the HISTORY of MUSIC. A title previously held by Aretha Franklin for 40 years.👑 They don’t want you to post your achievements & accomplishments. It makes them uncomfortable. But you must! B/c everyday, ppl broadcast your failures. They shout them to the mountain tops. So never EVER stop posting your accomplishments. I love my fans so much. Thank you. 🙏🏽 #NBAAwards Monday. Can’t wait for you guys to see my performance❣️

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Moral Of The Story (PH Accolade Attainment Solutions)

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“Despite the constant negative press covfefe,”
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