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Moral Of The Story (Thinking Out Loud)

Well, you see, what had happened was…

Yesterday while conducting some research, I came across this article and read through it just to see what it said and also see if it was offering any insight that I do not already have, and the quote that jumped out @ me is below.

This 1 Mindset Shift Will Change the Way You See Earning Money Forever

How do wildly successful entrepreneurs think? Like this.
Contributor, @Nicolascole77

‘Some 99.8% of people say to themselves, “What is the one skill set that I can master that a million people would want?”

The wildly successful entrepreneurs and innovators flip it. They say to themselves, “What is the thing a million people need, and what is the one thing I can create that will provide that to all of them?

It is so simple, and yet the change in perspective is very, very difficult for most people.’

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So the article did not offer any additional insight yet it did confirm that the insight that I already have is similar to wildly successful entrepreneurs as described in the article, which brings us to the most important subject of all and the one you most likely came to see about, which is the subject of YOU!

Combing through all of the fluff and getting to the root of what is going on in today’s modern culture and society, we can easily see that the number one need among individuals in the world at this very moment and increasing in maginitude by the minute in this socially open and connected world, is the desire to be significant and feel like they truly matter, so the solution is to just keep things simple, and create and offer something that fulfills this need, which is what we are now currently viewing as Life Experience Magazine.

Now granted, all that is really required for this to be an actual fact is your own agreement with the notion that #YouMatter, and to ensure that we are keeping it one hundred percent authentic and not offering warm fuzzies and feel good medicine that gives temporary relief from feelings of worthlessness, we have listed the actual dictionary definition of what it means to matter, so that you can fill in your own blanks to match your name and face with the definition in order to be able to clearly demonstrate to your own self as well as others, why you matter so that less time and energy is spent trying to explain and prove that which is self evident.

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