THE ARK OF THE COVENANT – Using Technology To Create A Connection To The Supreme Being


The Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant (Hebrew: אָרוֹן הַבְּרִית‎‎ ʾĀrôn Habbərît, modern pron. Aron haBrit), also known as the Ark of the Testimony, is a gold-covered wooden chest described in the Book of Exodus as containing the two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments. According to various texts within the Hebrew Bible, it also contained Aaron’s rod and a pot of manna.

The biblical account relates that, approximately one year after the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt, the Ark was created according to the pattern given to Moses by God when the Israelites were encamped at the foot of biblical Mount Sinai. Thereafter, the gold-plated acacia chest was carried by its staves while en route by the Levites approximately 2,000 cubits (approximately 800 meters or 2,600 feet) in advance of the people when on the march or before the Israelite army, the host of fighting men. When carried, the Ark was always hidden under a large veil made of skins and blue cloth, always carefully concealed, even from the eyes of the priests and the Levites who carried it. God was said to have spoken with Moses “from between the two cherubim” on the Ark’s cover. When at rest the tabernacle was set up and the holy Ark was placed under the veil of the covering the staves of it crossing the middle side bars to hold it up off the ground.

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Moral Of The Story (Thinking Out Loud)

Thinking about thinking.

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I wonder how many people during the time of development and creation of The Ark said either out loud or to themselves internally that Moses and Aaron and them should quit dreaming, get their heads out of the clouds, come back down to earth, get a real job, and/or find something more practical and feasible to be doing with their time than to be doing what they are said to have ended up doing.

Either way, according to the Wikipedia description above, we can conclude that the most important element in regards to The Ark Of The Covenant was or actually is the content that is contained inside of it.

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