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Symbolic Self-Completion Theory

The theory of symbolic self-completion is a psychological theory which holds that individuals seek to acquire and display symbols that are strongly related to what they perceive as the ideal self. For example, relatively effeminate boys who want to appear macho may use products associated with manliness—such as a strong cologne or a silver watch—in hopes of symbolically fulfilling their self-definitions, i.e. becoming manly. Such cases of symbolic self-completion are seen in internet communication, marketing and advertising, and consumer behavior.


The theory of symbolic self-completion has its origins in the symbolic interactionist school of thought. As expressed by George Mead in Mind, Self and Society, symbolic interactionism suggests that the self is defined by the way that society responds to the individual. This idea helped shape the central ideas put forth in the book Symbolic Self-Completion, which states that individuals tend to define themselves using symbols of accomplishment and that they use symbols to communicate their self-definitions to society. Depending on the area of self-definition to which these symbols pertain, a different self-definition is thus exhibited.

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Moral Of The Story (2017 Mental Note To Self)


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So What’s The Big Idea?

I got up on this fourth day of 2017 focused and inspired and according to the data from Forbes up above, the Search Business is booming the biggest and brightest, and it inspires me to ponder on exactly what it is that this find/search completion business that we are working with that is a key component in the big bright business of search has in store for us.

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