UNAPPRECIATIVE – The Fatal Error That Can Easily Spell The End Of The Kardashian’s Relevance

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Moral Of The Story ( The Game According To O.G. Michael Jackson)

No appreciation for the fans and enthusiasts who they depend on for support?

If they say why, why, are the numbers just not showing what they need to show in order to justify keeping the show on the air, tell em that it’s human nature, for individuals to cease to spend time on or pay attention to that which no longer serves them, which as a symptom of unhealthy narcissism, causes individuals to believe and act as if the audience’s need to see and hear the Kardashians greatly outweighs their own need to be seen and heard.

Thankfully there is still hope as this is just the personal opinion of one single soul who actually likes to see them winning, and the show will not air until this upcoming weekend, yet if the claim of Hollywood being some words and pictures as stated above is accurate, and both the Hollywood Reporter and E Entertainment have placed a ten year time stamp on the Kardashians, the rules of the game in Hollywood say that we are to stick to the script as it is written with the only solution being to have the script edited in order to manifest a different outcome in the story.