(TWO EYES + TWO EARS = WON BRAIN) – PimpHop.com 15 Year Anniversary Special Starring Carmela Habibi

Please baby no more parties in LA.

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“You never go out, put the books down, your missing out on your 20s, your too pretty to sit around, let’s get stupid”. No. my reply has become tedious. “We see the world different my cravings are different I can sleep in someone’s bed and still not get a second of sleep, I can sit behind a computer and still not enhance my brain, you can take me out to the finest dinners and I still will have an insufficient appetite. I can be surrounded by finery at its purest and still be incapable of finding beauty, I can walk the halls of the finest houses and still not call this place my home, I can swallow this Medicine and still harm my health. You can spoil me with the most eloquent luxuries but you can’t provide me culture. Amusements over happiness acquaintances over soulmates, obedience but not faithfulness, Sex but not love. We see the world different, I think I’ll get lost between these pages instead of someone’s sheet. A post shared by 📝🍥💕 BRAINS LIKE BERKELEY 💕🍡✏️ (@carmelahabibi) on

What do you look for in a man?

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PimpHop.com 15 Years Strong!!! (So What’s The Big Idea?)


Between us as friends…

You ever heard when people say the phrase “in my book”, like “it’s all good in my book”, or “in my book, this is the best way to go about things”, or “in my book, this is the most off the hook shit in the history of the human race?”

Good, so in my book, as an expert observer of the female side of the human race and their behaviors online for over fifteen years, there is definitely a major transformation occurring that is often spoken of, and it has much to do with an increase in intelligence and levels of consciousness with women of the world, while still utilizing the same survival tactics and tricks of the trade that have worked since the beginning of time, and where we are now is at a point where young women such as Carmela thoroughly enjoy reading books and absorbing knowledge which is said to be power in this article, so to really take the game to the next level, what we are witnessing here at PimpHop.com is actually the writing of a “good book” that goes as far as having the book lovers like Carmela be in the book as the subject of it so that it becomes her favorite book to read, using all of the available technology resources to create even greater resources to ensure that we are manifesting the most resourceful assortment of women that the galaxy has ever witnessed, so here we are, fifteen years in the future from the initial start of the executed idea as Carmela states in her Instagram caption of her book of ideas image.

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Be good, or be good @ it!

Even online it ain’t easy…

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