Money Matters- Part 2


Who would have guessed that the last
Money Matters post would have received such an overwhelming response? I only posted it because much of what I hear as of late from many people is about how bad the economy is, yet little if any of the discussions are regarding the  how to’s of making it better.
I think different, so if I am correct in my assessment that the poor condition of the global economy is based on the poor mental ,emotional, and physical condition of the global community, then a change for the better in the condition of the global community would also lead to a change for the better in the global economic condition. Yep, that did sound kinda philosophical didn’t it?
I pat myself on the back, but to be sure you get it correct without confusion, I just mean that something as simple as a
GLOBAL ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT can and will do much good. With that out of the way, here is the second part of the Bob Proctor series.

I kinda dig ole Bob’s steelo.
His name is one that can be associated with wealth, think

PROCTOR & GAMBLE, plus he has that wise old white guy appeal that adds value to his pitch. Now, if you want to get into the inner meanings as to why there is actually a WOMAN named Michelle who is the author and singer of the Magnet To Money song featured in the series, as well as the reasons why the whole “THE SECRET” book and movie phenomenon was from a woman namedrhonda_byrne
Rhonda Byrne,  you will have to guess which channel to stay tunded into.

I happen to like Rhonda, as for some mysterious reason, I received a friends request from their Arizona headquarters on Myspace, before it(The Secret) became popular, and I had to see what they were saying months later on Oprah. She must have seen something from us that she LIKED!
Go figure?

A different perspective to consider.