Five Days- The Only Thing Guarunteed In Life Is CHANGE!!

Brand Reinvention
The Never Ending Campaign

Gone Till Novemeber Is How Wyclef Words It.

Its The Story Of My Life!!!

On The Bright Side,
excellence can be expected upon my return.
It is also a widely accepted scientific fact that
The Stars Cease To Shine,
Once The Sun Rises.

On That Note, lets speak about that buzz word that seems to be as emotionally
impacting as the word “LOVE”, and that is the term known as “CHANGE.”

Last night, i took the time to view the Obama Pimpformercial, to check if there would be any
thing new added to the storyline, and the part that I found most interesting was a take on Family Life
from Michelle Obama.

She stated that each daughter had set requirements of what they expected from their father,
and the oldest had a request for Barack to read the Harry Potter book series to her, which he was have said to have done.

This is an interesting tid bit of information for a very interesting reason, as I have found that the most simple things, which many times , come out of the mouths of children, are what end up being the most important and significant revelations.

Billioaire Author J.R. Tolten has made a bundle from this fictional storyline series, and it appears that something inside of many people young and old hungers for pieces of the puzzle that have been left out, or

I too hunger for the missing pieces, yet for perhaps a different reason than most, as my only concern regarding the storyline is that there are no African American or “Ethnic” people in the script, so my only recourse is to simply add my own characters and it appears to be the same for young Malia Ann Obama, so lets see what the story says, shall we?

The origins of the Phoenix Legend along with perhaps , one or two other ideas , actually are rooted in the
North East Part of Africa, also known as the 1st East  which Barack Hussein Obama Sr.

father of current presidential candidate Barack Obama Jr. also draws his origins from.

The Phoenix Legend is actually very prevalent and well known around the world , and one of those stories that has retained its fundamental concept since its inception.

The Legend

The legend of the Phoenix has been around for centuries: The Phoenix is a supernatural creature, living for 500 years. Once its life span is over, the Phoenix builds its own funeral pyre, and throws itself into the flames. As it dies, it is reborn anew, and rises from the ashes to live another 500 years. Alternatively, it lays an egg in the burning coals of the fire which hatches into a new Phoenix, and the life cycle is repeated. “

Birth–> Death–> Resurrection to a new and greater form and a repeat of the cycle.
Perhaps a familiar story for many Religious Folk, but for the simple version which I prefer,
lets just call it what it is….. CHANGE.

Many interesting parallels are intertwined in the Drama of Obama , such as the fact that Senator
John Mc Cains state of Arizona is where the city with the same name can actually be found.
Also it is on record that while Barack Obama Senior and Junior only met on one occasion after a return to Kenya, Barack Obama  Senior was a victim of a fatal automobile accident in 1982.

Prior To this time, he was, amongst other things, a Harvard Educated Economist, and attended the same prestigious Ivy League
University that his son would later attend to earn a degree in LAW.

We can also see that the Phoenix is a bird that is representation of The SON, oops, I meant,The SUN,
which may play a part in the campaign brand symbol and its prominent feature of the sun.

Lastly, to keep it all the way thorough, the campaign jet, will reflect the change as it is best to
Get It In Writing as the image displays below, along with the popular “O” symbol on the tail in which we see The Sun Over The American Flag MINUS The Stars.

All this is said simply to reflect the brand reinvention process currently in effect here at and new policies that will be implemented to serve the greater good,
so if you are prepared for the ride, and interested in traveling with us, then we invite you to stay tuned in.