For The Ladies- Are You A Man's PROBLEM or A Man's SOLUTION?

They call it BLACK FRIDAY,
I call it MACK FRIDAY,
and its due to the fact that oh so many women today are out in the world
searching for bargains and have been since the crack of dawn.
The economy has never looked better, and likewise ,
I feel its best to get “My Product” on the shelves , online as well as out and about, so here is the post for today before I hit the streets.

Making my rounds, I notice that many of the young ladies that I see tend to be under the impression that the Hard Core- Mean Mug- Gangster Girl  look is the way to win the game.

I would have to conclude that it gives her the feeling of empowerment and satisfaction of knowing that they are IT… or so you would think, because ummm ITS POPULAR!!!

This is a Blog that I created earlier in the year, that I will now share with you for your viewing pleasure and interests.

Whats The Good News?,
Its RB from
Your Friendly Neighborhood
Serving Up Hot Soup Since 2002, Keepi it “P” till 3003.

I started today in an energetic and genrous mood as usual, so I decided to share some PRICELESS PimpFormation for the Young Ladies who are lucky & worthy enough to receive it, so lets get some clarity in the picture.

Again, this is all simply MY OPINION.

Its Different Strokes For Different Folks, so for a MAN, such as myself,
I actually do consider each and every woman that I encounter as a BLESSING.

Now, in my life, Blessings have been shown to come quite easy,
therefore, whenever I meet a woman who gives me difficulties, bitter vibes, and a foul attitude,,
That just means that
She AINT No Blessing!!!
so I leave those types to the guys who perhaps are interested in and deserving of a different type of  woman than I.

On that note. lets  make it even more simple and scientifically accurate.
You as a woman are either


, or

2. A Man’s SOLUTION.

How do I go about existing in life without any GIRL PROBLEMS?

(A certain allowance of  womens issues is granted, as expecting anything else is unreasonable.)

Actually, deep down in side, it is the same with most Heterosexual Men, and if they are given a choice, most would agree that they actually prefer the type of woman who can help to take away their HEADACHES, as opposed to adding to them, by being ONE OF THEM.

In Business, I actually find BOTH types valuable.
For most MEN who do what they do for an income and status, chances are that they are looking to share with the Woman who IS the SOLUTION, in an attempt to get AWAY from and find a remedy for the ones who are The Problem.

To demonstrate this scenario, I will be forming a PICTURE GALLERY here on so that the supply of women with MAN SOLUTIONS can be found  easily  , and since its  a Supply and Demand Economy  (Capitalism), the abundant supply  of  WOMEN WITH PROBLEMS, increases the  Demand  for the LIMITED SUPPLY of   WOMEN WITH SOLUTIONS, which will  INCREASE THE VALUE  of the  WOMEN WITH SOLUTIONS!

Again, this is simply MY Opinion, yet  on a Philosophical Level, I believe that  a FOOL can be identified  as a person  who attempts  to  always compete with  those  who  have  Already  Crossed  The Finish Line Before The Race Started!!

Your Feedback Is Always Welcome.

-Its What You Make It!!!