Britney Spears- A Working Girls Story

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I decided to take a couple days to reflect on where I would like
to take the brand next,
and upon returning from my Saturday afternoon adventures, while channel surfing, I was
able to catch the MTV Special entitled,

Britney Spears- For The Record

I can say personally, that it was an extremely interesting and enlightening interview, and much better than I expected. It had a high degree of authenticity to it, while not being overly dramatic, and was able to capture a fairly decent view of Britney from her perspective.
What made it most interesting to me was NOT the actual content of the show, but the fact that so many of her questions and concerns about her life, are subjects that for whatever reason, I hold the solutions to and answers for, which is what actually inspired this entry, as AGAIN, I was pondering on what to speak about next.

First and foremost , I would ask that you refer to some of the previous entries regarding Britney Spears, that were created during her times of trouble, and subsequent re surfacing.

I have to express my thoughts and feelings at this exact moment, and say that I am truly amazed by how much PimpFormation is contained inside of the walls of this Internet Magazine, even though I have been told by a few individuals that the feeling is that there is just not enough here.
Right around the time that I starting hearing this, is when problems with the economy and gas prices, and unemployment began to surface…
Is There A Connection?
Britney Says..

Give Me MORE!!!

Whatever it is, lets move forward shall we?
The first thing on my list of interesting things is in regards
to that popular catch phrase known as CHANGE.
As I have a near photographic memory, I can specifically recall the days of turmoil for Britney, and all of the talk going around regarding the near impossibility of her making a 180 degree comeback.

I think different as you already know, and since I am a writer, I often wonder whether Britney’s
Melt Down was somehow written into some script somewhere, all planned out for the purpose of gaining more glory at the end the game as individuals do tend to be interested in redemption songs.
Regardless, as I venture into the inner sciences of Media, I have always pondered on the reasons why
negative news tends to attract more interest and coverage than positive news?
It is the classic story of a Working Girl, on a process of growth and learning about the similarities and differences between herself and those in her enviornment.


Those in the know usually say that in order for one to reach the highest of heights, they must be willing
to travel in the deepest of depths, so an interesting fact to note is that Britney’s actual comeback/getback was on a pole in the role of an exotic dancer, with her stating for the record who it was that the viewers  were looking up to…..

In the MTV Documetnary, she was able to give some insight into the things that assisted her during her toughest rimes, and what she found is that HER WORK as an entertainer is the time where she feels most liberated and at peace.
Interestingly enough, no amount of rehab, or substances give her the therapeutic results of doing HER THING which is to WORK, hence we have a Working Girls Story.

In typical working girl fashion, if circumstances arise that turn her life upside down, she for a time, due to her emotional nature as a woman may experience some trauma, yet when it reaches a certain point, and life
if turns topsy turby, a true star would usually do the smart thing which is to make it into a production.

As the World’s Oldest Professional, a working girls story would definitely reflect the true understanding of supply and demand, and whether it is in the form of Mainstream or X-Rated performance, individuals have been shown to have an interest in the flexibility of a show girl , and her innate ability to perform in various positions, whether on stage, or in life in general, and Brit has consistently delivered on demand.

In previous post, we have decided to explore the reasons as to why so many women appear to find dressing up in this type of attire(Working Girl Wear) on Halloween so desirable, and the causes related to what prevents her from expressing this innate desire on a more frequent basis.
The image at the very top of this entry is a shot from Halloween Night, and one of the things expressed by Britney is that she too, feels at times like she is limited in what parts of her personality she can express, as she believes that the paparazzi have limited some of her KOOL FACTOR impulses, which would ordinarily lead her to head out to a Hot Spot and let her hair down without having all of her actions publicized and scrutinized.
It is an interesting catch 22, as many of the non famous women at events around the world would be influenced by what Britney is expressing in her art, even though what she is expressing, is really an extension of her natural way, and would most likely be the same as any other woman who was not in the spot light, with the only difference being that she (Britney) does not have any examples to imitate other than perhaps some of the  Working Girls in History, whose footsteps she is walking in, such as
Madonna, Heather Locklear, or Marylin Monroe.

A cool project for me to participate in , would be to create a destination, where she (Britney) and others could simply be their TRUE selves, such as a Disneyland, but with an updated Millennium Twist.
Could You Imagine That?
For whatever reason, It is  as clear to me as the image below.

We do have the whole Fame Game factor, and , I was privileged to have a pretty
enlightening discussion with Ron Jeremy of all people, about this very subject , yet at the end of the day, it has been my experience that girls in general famous and non famous alike , tend to enjoy the same types of things and have the same times of wants and needs, and perhaps even more intriguing , is the fact that WORKING GIRLS tend to have the wants and needs and find the same enjoyment on an enhanced level, which may be a factor as to why it is that they WORK in the first place.

Britney expressed the feeling of imprisonment that she experiences through people in the world and in her immediate environment, yet she had a difficult time expressing it to the interviewers and it seems as if she does not fully understand what it is that people truly want and expect from her other than the obvious, as her inner instincts tell her that they are after something more.

Again, the solution is really simple, and since I am one of those unique kids that was an 80’s T.V. Watcher Champion in my youth, a song that I always paid attention to was the theme song of a show with the same name, Can you guess which show I am referring to?

I’m gonna live forever
I’m gonna learn how to fly
I feel it coming together
People will see me and cry
I’m gonna make it to heaven
Light up the sky like a flame
I’m gonna live forever
Baby remember my name

All In All, a working girls work is never truly complete, so she is what the quantum physicist would classify as a
It would be a safe assumption to conclude that this factor alone holds the answers as to
why some will love it, others will hate it, yet a great majority will check it, as individuals are naturally inclined to pay attention to movement, as it represents and indicates LIFE.

If you would like to know what point I am trying to make with this post, its is AGAIN, very simple.
I get bored easily, so I thought I would just give myself something good to do and look at, and  then share it with you, as you may be watching from home, or even at your local Starbucks,
and the image up above indicates that Britney or any other working girl for that matter, may very well be
in line or walking in or out of the shop right along with you, looking for something FUN to do.
I Love My Job!!

See You At The Top
( And Bring A Friend!!)


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