What To Say On Mothers Day


Welcome Home!
Today is Sunday 10 May 2009, which is known in America and a few other places as Mother Day.
Today I will keep it brief as most of the day needs to be spent in celebration, yet a portion must also be spent in remembrance.

Simply and plain, I invite anyone reading this entry to conjure up an image in your mind of a great and admirable figure that you respect and hold to a high esteem.The following image is a popular one which reflects the idea.

This is not a religious or philosophical discourse,or perhaps it can be taken as such, yet I simply ask if you believe that any
great and admirable person, before you became familiar with their name was able to do the certain little yet very necessary things that we as people need in order to function without assistance from mothers, such as diaper changing, burping, potty training, meal preparation, and a long list of often overlooked duties that stem from a mothers overall tender loving care?

Its simply a note to reflect on the true importance of remembrance of mothers and the things that they provide and how those provisions impact a society as a whole.
Great or Small, Rich Or Poor, Known or Unknown, one of the universal similarities amongst all people is that they are born of a woman, meaning we all have a mother.

Below are a few images of mothers of prolific figures in
American Society , past and present.
As a hint, we will simply say that each of the mothers pictured above had children who have high visibility in the U.S. Capital , Washington D.C.

In closing, I would like to extend a
Happy Mothers Day Wish, to All Mothers past, present, and future , with the remembrance of the importance of what it is that you offer.

Thank You!

Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin