Mediocrity vs. Excellence- Are You Reaching Your FULL POTENTIAL? Repost From July 31st, 2008


For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7

Greetings Earthlings, and welcome back to the show.
Again as usual, I am hearing feedback from the grapevine that more frequent updates on are in HIGH DEMAND, so I figure it best to give what is being asked of me while at the same time explaining why it is that the post have been coming infrequently and the adjustments that are being made to meet the demands of the people.

The truth is that I at times am hesitant to post because I really tend to have little or no interest in what most of the world deems as newsworthy.

Doing research on the subject, I now know the reasons as to why BAD NEWS is the norm and in such high demand, and you may be in for a shock to know this type of information, yet its why you are here, so bon apatite.

The experts are saying that the reason why so much of an emphasis is placed on the negative things happening in the world, is because this IS in fact what most of the viewers are in search of whether they are aware of it or not, and news channels are simply supplying the demand.

I used to actually think that the news outlets in old as well as new media formats were in the business of force feeding the people with Bad News, yet I now remember that if people were truly dissatisfied they would simply choose to not pay attention.
The sociologist claim that for many individuals, bad news is actually good news to the viewers so long as the scenarios that they are paying attention to are not happening to them directly.

My personal belief if you care to know, is simply that if I spend any keystrokes or verbal words on what I classify as bullshit, then I am in fact adding to the bullshit, and if the smell of it all makes me uncomfortable, then adding to it in hopes of decreasing  it wouldn’t add up, but hey, deep down inside, I am a Computer Guy, and my mind runs on LOGIC.

Simply put, I still hold true to the age old adage that
and if you are not satisfied with what you are getting, the best option is simply to stop looking at it.
Call it what you want, but keeping it simple works best for me.

At the same time, this is in fact the Business of Show, and the job entails that we show you something, as that is why you are here in the first place.

Another personal philosophy of mine which is based on ample personal experience is that people in the world only tend to be doing bad when they are not having a GOOD TIME.
So, in the interests of people doing better if they choose, we can simply show you a GOOD TIME, which would point back to the prior statement –>What You See is What You Get.

This is a very calculated grisk I might add, because the world has a strange way of conditioning the mind to feel like somewhat of a outcast for speaking about things of an in depth and authentic nature, as superficiality , shallowness, and negativity is the current NORM and status pro quo.

Luckily for you,  I as the person typing this note is quite used to this type of existence with the rare ability as a man of influence to have others question whether their normal state of affairs is really as COOL as ythey believe it to be, and attempt to make others believe it to be.

Everything has its balance, and what I find most interesting of all is that most of the women  I meet as of late seem to act as if these types of subjects are what they ponders on continuously and feel a sense of relief that she is not alone in her questioning of what is really what and can have those needs met here at your friendly neighborhood, so count yet ANOTHER VICTORY for R.B..

So that will lead right in to todays subject which is Mediocrity vs. Excellence and Your Full Potential , which I will elaborate on after a short break.

” Now back to the lecture @ Hand..
Perfection is Perfected so you May Not Understand”
-Snoop Dogg, G Thing

First we will start with the dictionary definition of the terms, so that you have clarity in what is being discussed.

Webster’s Revised Unabridged DictionaryCite This SourceShare This


Ex”cel*lence\, n. [F. excellence, L. excellentia.]1. The quality of being excellent; state of possessing good qualities in an eminent degree; exalted merit; superiority in virtue.


Me”di*o`cre\, a. [F. m[‘e]diocre, L. mediocris, fr. medius middle. See Mid.] Of a middle quality; of but a moderate or low degree of excellence; indifferent; ordinary. ” A very mediocre poet.” –Pope.

Keeping it simple, the way we separate the mediocre from the excellent is as follows.
Whenever there is a higher and greater level of accomplishment to be attained and an individuals is moving towards it, we can consider that excellent, meaning that which excels(Moves Forward).

Whenever an individual is found to not be moving forward to the higher achievement, and doing just enough to meet a goal, this is mediocrity, not too bad but not to good.

Which one applies to you?
Luckily, since this is the internet, your personality can remain anonymous, so that your answer can be heard and known by you and you only(PornoPrivacy).

All I will do is point out the reasons why the two exist so that you can now make an informed decision if you wish to achieve a better result, because what feels better than winning, and is it not the Ultimate form of a GOOD TIME?

The primary cause of excellence is Self Respect, where as the primary cause of Mediocrity
is inadequacy.

People who move towards the higher goal will tend to be people who are focused on the good that they want to see and do, where as people who stay stuck in the middle are primarily focused on the bad that they are seeking to avoid.

The Twist is that they will never fully avoid it, due to the fact that they are ALWAYS focused on the bad which they are trying to avoid.

A person who is focused on keeping from being broke , will most likely NEVER be paid in full .

What causes people to shift towards one or the other?
Self Respect and Self Worth.
This is the telling sign of what people will ask for out of life because it truly reflects what they honestly expect out of it, and individuals who expect for things to turn out poorly usually do just enough to reward themselves with this result, as it is know as a
Self Fulfilling Prophecy.

The number one cause of failure is the fear of it, which I will elaborate on in another discussion. Simply put, the person who is in fear of failing will usually guarantee it simply by not taking any steps towards success and a fear of the word NO(rejection) makes them hesitant to ask, which would eliminate the possibility for a YES answer and response(acceptance).

So, in closing, for those who wish to reach their FULL POTENTIAL, the cornerstone of achieving this result lrests in knowing or Realizing your Full Potential, and belief in your own ability to accomplish the goal.
Anything LESS is uncivilized.

In closing, while there are many new names for old games such as various so called gurus and motivational speakers, I am always sure to give credit where it is due, so the ORIGINAL AUTHOR of the simple phrase that sums up all of the jibber jabber that slipped off of my finger tips is known as the Wise and Mighty King Solomon, who is pictured above, and to repeat The Game for those who may of missed it, it is

For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7

Its a Rap, and in the words of
Bishop Don Magic Juan,
we say-

See You At The Top

Written By
R. Branch
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Scotty Pimpin