Fugazee Rhymes With Lazy


1. Fugazee

wiseguy term often misconstrued; remarking on anti bona fide, or spurious nature of goods, typically small firearms, or jewelery.
The stone was set with glue to cover the gap; its a fugazee.
italian wiseguy sicilian mafia jewelry

2. fugazee

fake, not genuine, counterfeit
Don’t buy that, its a fugazee.


A great reference (Urban Dictionary) is available at amazon.com, which may assist many in your pursuit of comprehending urban culture.

On that note, today’s lesson comes just in time as the demand has created the supply.

In regards to Black & Minority Culture, or URBAN Culture as it is more politically correct to say, right of the top, if your desire is to earn some street credibility for yourself, being Politically Incorrect will actually lead to the most respect, as it communicates to other souls that you are respectful enough to yourself and your principles to stand and hold your position regardless of how others think you are supposed to be.

In urban culture, it is know as DOIN YOU!

Picture life as an individual or group which was dependent on another individual or group to be themselves and do what they do naturally , in order for you to have an example to follow.


Would it not indicate that perhaps you are lacking in something naturally, which makes you  synthetic by nature?

Everyone already knows the name of this hairstyle, which is an Afro, right?
It’s official name is a NATURAL, or a BLOWOUT.

It is called a natural, because well, it is what it is, and what it is is natural.

The same exact way that being proud of what comes naturally and acting accordingly would provide you with street credibility and respect on a whole, is the exact opposite result that comes from doing anything other than, which would lead to bad credit on the street, Wall street, Main street or even here on Easy Street as well as Sesame Street according to Big Bird on Twitter!

Even deeper, is when if what comes naturally for you, is to copy that which comes naturally to others and not you, it would make you unnatural by nature and through the natural course of nature , individuals would tend to NATURALLY lack respect for you as you lack it for your own self.

It’s a PRICELESS  lesson to be learned by simply stating that,
ALL ethnic groups, cultures, genders, and different groups of people have something to be proud of from their own particular heritage, that makes Planet Earth a cool spot to hang out at while on your journey. Your ancestors would most likely also feel validated if you were to validate your own cultural heritage which you received from them.


Great things are meant to be shared, and in this great Salad Bowl of the westernized world, each is a key ingredient for the whole salad to be a healthy and enjoyable dish, so if you are a tomato, rep tomato trees to the fullest, as with lettuce, onions and peppers,etc.

Back to some more street slanguage which you may have been expecting to find here.
The fundamental reason why authenticity is the key ingredient in gaining respect is in the following analogy-

When I was a youth, if you were to come out of the house with an off brand type of shoes, attempting to represent them as authentic, the response you would recieve would be as follows…

Dems aint NIKES,
fool dems is SIKES!”

I hope this helps and appreciate your time spent reading.

A different perspective to consider.