Cat And Mouse Games- Who Really Wins?


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For whatever reason, the numbers are showing that there is  interest in these entries, yet I still am not quite sure of the reasons why although I have my theories. Regardless, we can just continue to see where it takes us.

Today’s topic is in regards to a popular game that people play called
the ole’ cat & mouse. I am discussing it in this context because from what I can see, it is as if the Internet is a form of a breeding ground for this type of behavior, so I look at the reasons why it occurs as well as the usual end results of each individual involved in the story to see if it is a wise investment of time on the part of any individual.

Watching a great deal of television as a child, a cartoon that always fascinated me was
Tom and Jerry.
Of course there are too many shows to name that I watched, yet this one always held my interest and still does when it is aired on certain channels, so since I am now acting as a writer in my grown up years, I decided to take a look at the plot in closer detail.

First we have Tom,
21_Tom The Cat

which is the character that initiates the chase. Perhaps it is simply a case of nature that says that in most cases a predator chases the desired prey while hunting. In this particular case, after repeated attempts to catch the mouse, Tom at the end always finds himself coming up short, or does he?

After years of studying this behavior, it sometimes appears that the true goal and desire for Tom is not in the capturing of the mouse , but rather in the pursuit.

It’s like the saying about how certain individuals do in truth, tend to want for things that they feel they can never truly have, as if the having would take away the wanting, which is actually a undesired result. More simply put, the individual actually wants to want. This is the only logical yet irrational reason I can assign to Tom and his behavior after a near infinite time attempting to pursuit but never attain the mouse as it is not written in the script for this outcome to occur.

The mouse has a similar and interesting story, which is the character known as Jerry.


After the chase in initiated by Tom, Jerry heads in the opposite direction to avoid capture.

It would be safe to conclude that avoiding capture is a natural instinct for hunted prey because it would represent a defeat, in most cases death of the individual being hunted.

What I find interesting is that although Tom initiates the chase, the motivation actually is inspired by Jerry, as if Jerry actually baits Tom into pursuing him.

This would then point to a secret desire that Jerry has, which is to be pursued but never attained.

It would seem as if simply being an object of desire is what motivates Jerry to participate in the game, and if Jerry was ever to be captured, the mouse would no longer be the object of desire, as desire can only come when one is without or lacking the desired person, place, or thing and the subsequent internal gratification which is attached.

You may see a desire from the pursuer to keep and or maintain the acquisition, yet it is a different desire than the one motivated through not having which in most cases shows to be a more powerful driving force.

It is of interest to me as to why both of these characters in this particular script represent male characters with male names, and perhaps there is some form of a subliminal message being sent.

From my point of view, this type of behavior is usually found being conducted by men and women, and I definitely see it as a primary lure to certain sites on the Internet, with the male as the pursuer and the woman as the object of desire being pursued.

At the end, I believe that it will show to be a gigantic waste of time on the part of both parties, and my reasoning is as follows.

If each has a goal that each are looking to achieve, then working together would make success more likely to be achieved, yet it would need to be a goal other than pursuing and being pursued with no other outcome other than playing the game of cat and mouse.

If those are the goals of one or each of the individuals, then they are actually working together to achieve a goal, which is to not attain success, but rather to continue to want for it or be desired for it.

To each his own, yet I do tend to find it fascinating how the ego of certain humans can lead them into this type of cat & mouse behavior, in a never ending cycle .

It would seem to be a form of mental and emotional purgatory, or insanity as another way to state it, yet I guess for both parties, it is a form of entertainment, and keeps ones mind occupied with a non completable task to keep them in motion, yet never arriving at any destination.

These are just some of my thoughts.
Your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.

A different perspective to consider.

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Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin