Medical Marijuana – Happy Earth Day It Is!

Happy Earth Day, which rhymes with Birth Day!
Today’s entry is one that provides a wide rage of options for discussion, yet it’s become a habit for me to keep things as simple as possible, so lets see what we can come up with together.

I cant help but think that somewhere in the whole Health Care Reform initiatives recently signed into law in America, this particular subject of medical marijuana and plans for changes in options on how to address the matter are present within the current congressional bill that was recently signed into law.

If your state is like ours (California), you have a scenario taking place which makes the distribution of marijuana for medicinal purposed legal according to state statutes (Proposition 215), yet prohibited under Federal guidelines, which leaves the Federal Government in a position to enforce the laws at their sole discretion.

The changes in legalization for state laws took place before the recent economic system failures and health care revisions by Federal Law makers, and for whatever reason, I cant seem to picture President Barack Obama, Congressional House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, or Attorney General Eric Holder as individuals who place a high priority on matters of medical marijuana distribution, so long as the tax dollars are flowing in appropriately.

In the local area of Los Angeles,  during one of the worst fiscal crisis in the history of the city itself, a battle is waging over ordinances which if enforced, could require hundreds of the local medical marijuana dispensaries to close its doors or face legal action.

On Fox News, it was reported as saying that there are at least three to five  dispensaries  for every one Starbucks in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

My personal two cents in the matter is that it’s all a part of a greater story unfolding, which shows matters of life and society attempting to work themselves out and find a just balance for the greater good of all.

The current cultural trend is to be environmentally conscious, known as
Going Green, and it appears that it has already been set into motion by this debate of medicinal marijuana, and has been a status choice for many before the trend was coined in the first place, so in the name of progress, I ask that you picture me as the owner of a modest sized dispensary that offers an abundant supply of the best quality medicinal marijuana found on the planet, with attractive and personable customer service staff members on the job focused on delivering great hospitality in the name of effective health care reform.

Happy Earth Day to you and yours, and as they say,

Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust..LITERALLY!

A different perspective to consider.