Success In Relationships Made Easy

(T.G.I.M.) Thank God Its Monday, another start of a productive work week.
Busy as usual, my fingers have taken on a mind of their own, so lets see how the story unfolds.

I selected this image of the Hollywood Power Couple
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett simply because they are often seen as a representation of what a successful relationship between successful people actually entails, and of course there is always more to the story, yet since I am an author, I can simply utilize my skills to edit the story in a way that serves the greater good.

In short, the word on the street regarding successful relationships is as follows.

Success in relationships are dependent on two whole individuals who’s admiration for each other greatly outweigh their need for each other.

Another valid reason that I selected this couple for imagery is due to the fact that I heard Will Smith give his commentary on marriage counseling in a televised interview, and his belief is that those services tend to be a waste of time and money.

His viewpoint is that the simple way which he and Jada adhere to is that both parties in the relationship need to serve the purpose of helping both theirself and the other party to become a better person, which is something that I find to be a valid point.

It would be better explained by the experts in the field of mental and emotional health what the specifics are regarding what I believe is known as codependence, yet the basics demonstrate that most relationships fail when the dynamics are set up for one or each and all members of the couple or group are emotionally or perhaps overly emotionally dependent on the other or others, and are in the relationship for the sole purpose of having their own needs met as opposed to serving the needs of the other, which leads to an imbalance and relationship dysfunction.

In closing, all across the board, I believe that this simple adjustment of focusing on the correct checks and balances will change many outcomes in society at large for the better, which is at the root, based on human relationships, because although it is often stated that the world is based on a system of giving and taking (dog eat dog world), if there is a circle of givers, all dedicated to the cause of giving to self and others, the need for taking or overconsumption is eliminated as being apart of a circle of givers as a giver would entail that each would receive automatically.

Wishful thinking?
Perhaps, yet it is actually where all thoughts begin which is known as the will, similar to the name of the actor with the last name Smith, so beginning with myself, I can share with you the excellent news that one of the most remarkable attributes of the Internet is that there is an abundance of valid and useful information regards success in all matters, including relationships at your fingertips, and only require your interest in success and positive outcomes, and the willingness to put forth the effort to apply the knowledge and tools to get the results, similar to how you may be using an application (app) to view this and other content on your mobile web device.

You Are Now Playing With POWER!

A different perspective to consider.