Twitter Review – Should We Follow Who Follows Us?

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For whatever reason, the number of visits is beginning to spike, so to show our appreciation for your interest, and time spent reading, I have decided to upgrade to conversation and dedicate more time to subject matters that
we all
have questions about during our visits to cyberspace.

I am absolutely certain that a majority of people who use the micro blogging social networking website known as Twitter have pondered on this subject at some point, and now that the dynamics of Internet connectivity has shifted towards mobile devices, interestingly enough, the size of the messages has decreased with the size of the screens that the messages are sent and received on.

Of course, it’s a bit of a challenge for a person such as myself, with plenty to say, yet there are still a few who may take the time to give an ear, so here is what I have experienced.

At the end of the day, after much soul searching, it seems to all boil down to the human desire to be liked, respected, or agreed with, or avoidance of not being agreed with,  and much of my time in the year of 2009 was spent researching and speaking about this very subject.

It appears now that it has gotten to the point where a persons self worth is being based on the amount of followers that they have on Twitter, or the amount of friends that they have on other social networking websites along with the amount of attention and feedback that they receive.

It then began to show that most individuals tend to keep their amount of followers less than the amount of people that they follow, which I suspect is just a result of being human.

Then the celebrity factor comes into play which leads to people who are already well known through traditional mainstream media outlets to have an advantage with a disproportional amount of followers although the dynamics of online communications seems to be working towards leveling the playing field by allowing greater range of choice in regards to what viewers wish to tune in to and deem as relevant.

On a more personal note, I have actually experienced a falling out of sorts with a few individuals over the years who I chose not to follow on the Twitter Page.

Honestly, it has been a strenuous debate and internal struggle, because I actually do believe that each and every individual has a certain degree of importance in word as well as deed, and due to my unique life experiences in the city of Los Angeles, I know first hand that celebrities and other important people have the same needs and challenges in life  as ordinary Jane’s and  Joe’s, even though most of the ordinary viewing public may have been made to believe otherwise.

In times past, the role of a celebrity was to inspire and educate others with their talents as opposed to being in a competition with non celebrities in a popularity contest.

My decision to shorten the following on Twitter was due to the fact that some individuals enter an extremely large amount of messages on a continuous basis throughout the day, which takes away time and focus from my duty which is to work towards offering content and services which may be to liking and benefit of the viewers

The Solution-


  • Name Barack Obama
  • Location Washington, DC
  • Web http://www.barack…
  • Bio 44th President of the United States

In regards to the whole concept of V.I.P. I would place a large wager on the belief that the individual listed above has about as much clout as any celebrity or other important person in the world past or present.

What I find most interesting is that although he could have license to be
too cool for school and keep his list of people that he follows slim, if I round up to the largest digit, I appears that he has nearly 1 million (726,852 following )individuals that he actually follows on Twitter.

Im sure that there is more to it as the Twitter account for The President as well as the rest of his social networking profiles are ran by the organization known as Organizing For America following the Chicago Style politics strategy of keeping an ear to the streets and the roots in the grass..

Yet and still, it really is the thought that counts, and his approach to things seems to show to be an attempt at helping others to achieve their goals, as that is the role of a Commander and Chief, so I will simply follow the example of the leader, and research the facts behind why his approach is in this fashion and how he is able to keep up to date with the millions of followers and following on his account.

In closing, I do know that he is often seem using tech gadgets including

iPod and Blackberry, which would confirm my out of this world belief, which is that while being the leader of the free world is a high stakes position, it is, like any other job, just a job, and as a man, the time spent working must also be matched with sufficient time to play, as it can’t be all work and no play, even for The President.

Barack Obama Agrees!
Even Online It Aint Easy.

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