How Do YOU Gain More Exposure & Picture Comments?

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Whats the good news?
On this end it’s business/pleasure as usual.

Yesterday while at the library doing research on communication, the question that was posed was about honesty and the real reason why we sometimes make things hard on ourselves.

My excuse is that in the world of technology and big business, the magic formula and tweek tends to be presented as something technological and overly anylitical, and it is really easy to get caught in a rut by following what everyone else is doing.

Luckily, my player instincts seem to always override the tendency so that I can keep it simple and go for what I know, and from what most of the women show, at the end of the day, it seems that exposure and picture comments are really what is in the highest demand and the driving force behind this thing called The Internet.

At some point, I probably will do an in depth study in regards to the actual fundamental reasons why such a need exists to such a large degree so that I can present the idea to intelligent business people and investors, yet for the time being, I just see it, know it, and act on it to see where it takes us, similar to the part in the first Star Wars movie when Obi One had to log on with
Luke Skywalker after a failed attempt at blowing up the Death Star with all of the techno gadgets in place and all of the t’s dotted and i’s crossed, which made Obi One have to lay it out for him by advising him to just

“Use The Force Luke”

With that said, we can ponder on how to go about achieving your goal of gaining more exposure and picture comments as well as status update replies.

From what I know again, keeping it simple, if you put yourself in the other persons shoes, if you were to give them a compliment of nod of approval, you would most likely feel good about doing so if you felt like the effort that you put in was appreciated by the person on the other end.

What if the answer was as simple as the fact that just as it is with respect, when it comes to appreciation, you ordinarily need to give it in order to justifiably expect to receive it?

The picture and link above is for Roxy, which you will be hearing more from from time to time around these parts, and it is an example of what happens when you offer appreciation in exchange for it, as by the end of the month, I estimate that no less than 5000 people will now be familiar with her face and name as well as what she has to offer with the greatest of ease and least effort, simply because she appreciates and reciprocates it.

Of course there is the added benefit of connecting to the right people which unknown by many, comes before connecting to many people which allows those lucky few the privilege of cutting in line and or riding in the carpool lane while zooming pass the rest of the traffic in the traffic jam!

"What You See Is What You Get"

I love my job, and the pay is great too.
Stay Tuned.

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