Self Respect – What's There To Like About You?

Well, since I am running the show, I don’t necessarily need to explain my choice in imagery to communicate my point, yet since I am in a talkative mood, I can share a few details which may help you to see it from my perspective and help to change your own perspective about yourself, following up with a better view of and greater appreciation for life, and the people, places, and things in it.

This image came up on a search of the term Self Respect, and it is provided by a website called, which is known for offering a unique perspective on things motivational.

From my point of view, my level of self respect is such that I can and have created by own business and brand to provide myself and others who share my preferences with that which I like to look at, find enjoyable, and keep company with, and some women putting on a show such as the image represents is a key ingredient in the recipe.

I also believe that when it is said and done, a good time is one of the most sure methods of developing and maintaining a healthy economy, as it is something that all people tend to enjoy, and on varying levels have the ability to provide for others as evident with the new online phenomenon known as social media.

The image above, when looking at it from a perspective will demonstrate that there is an audience and stage, which indicates that a few services are required to put on this production including security, sound and lighting experts, vendors, promoters, photographers and parking attendants just to name a few.

Also there are pre and post production neccecities such as transportation costs and beauty products for the ladies, and perhaps some men to make themselves attractive while enjoying the good time, and on and on.

What in the world does all of this have to do with you and what there is to like about you?

Simply put, there is something that you enjoy and know about or do better than anyone you know that makes you a valuable asset to someone somewhere in need of your talents which is why The Creator gives each and everyone of us unique talents and attributes to contribute to the betterment of ourselves and our neighbors here on Planet Earth such as the ones that I am using to communicate the message to you with  such precise accuracy.

Each of the individuals in the Self Respect header image have specific needs as we all do, in which you play a part in assisting and serving.

  • Some are excellent childcare givers, which some of these grown ups will have need for as sitters in order to attend this and other events.
  • Also some are automotive inclined, and a spark plug or oil change may have been just the thing needed for the automobile to transport a group of people to this event.
  • There may even be some intelligent professional who can counsel those who believe themselves to be in need of a lifestyle change from over indulgence, even though I believe the therapy is found in the expression and not repression of these tendencies to want to let loose.

The moral to the story is that while motivational quotes on the Internet do serve their purpose, I believe that a part of the upgrade procedure here at involves simplifying matters so that our viewers have a greater ease in taking action through seeing it from a perspective that does not require having to get yourself psyched up to take action in the first place and just acting naturally through doing what you enjoy which is the best and most effective form of motivation in my opinion.

In closing, at least for me, taking the focus of of what we may believe is wrong with others which is the popular tendency in the world on and off the web,
and shifting the focus to what is good and right about ourselves does a lot of good in regards to that concept that many speak about yet is showing to be a major challenge in regards to execution.
The name of this concept is “moving forward.”
Focus on what you do well and are admired for and see it happen automatically.

A different perspective to consider.