How To Move Forward – A Video Demonsrtation By Rylan Branch

You Cant Have Your Cake & Eat It Too, Yet When You're Ready To Choose Either, Holler @ Me, I Got You!

Well, truth R.B. told, it is the last day of the month of March 2011 and a day that happens to be with a noon temperature of 85 degrees, so I am going to go easy on myself today by cutting class and heading outdoors for the long awaited Spring season as a follow up to a very wet one for the Winter.

This month has been progressive as with the year of 2011 thus far, regardless of what appears to be taking place across the globe which is change, for better or worse depending on each, and I have been conducting thorough research and analysis in regards to matters of life and business due to my extra time afforded to me by my self imposed Facebook fasting period for the month and limited 2 way communication on the web in general.

Today, I went to my personal Myspace page that I check about 2 -4 times a month at a maximum just to see what I may be missing, and as usual, what I found is what I see frequently in my real life which is me, myself, and I.

The header image was taken in 2009 an the video for this feature in 2008, and while I am still waiting to get around to some updated footage along with a few other promised things such as exclusive events, I am reminded that I am not a poser for pictures type of person, which allows me to develop and provide useful resources for those who are.

The video again was made in the Spring of 2008 on a day in which the weather was similar to how it is today which inspired me to post it as well as cut class for perhaps a few days to charge a Spring Break credit to the game.

The people who know me personally are aware that this is the real and only me which is what you see and get in the video and still images, for better or worse, and with a reputation for cutting class as a teenager, it may have been training for the future which again shows me cutting class, yet on an advanced level which is from the middle class and on into the upper class, so as an example, while cruising around the neighborhood yesterday, I saw and spoke with an attractive young woman who was out and about walking her dog and enjoying herself and the afternoon weather while working out simultaneously, which brings to light the subject of moving forward which has become a relevant buzz word and that reflects something extremely interesting about “the web” and helps me to further clarify my growing lack of interest in online socializing in it’s current and normal form.

When pondering on where to take the game next and what to make happen next, it appears that while all of the social media websites as well as internet technology in general can offer many tools, there seems to be a failure in the key area of what is showing to be what a majority of individuals are seeking, which is…… well…… just watch the video and see if it assists with the subject of the post title, and we can then get back to business upon by return.

See You @ The Top!

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