THINK ABOUT WHAT MATTERS TO YOU – The Ultimate Social Media Success Formula As Told By Twitter

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1. the substance or substances of which any physical object consists or is composed: the matter of which the earth is made.
2. physical or corporeal substance in general, whether solid, liquid, or gaseous, especially as distinguished from incorporeal substance, as spirit or mind, or from qualities, actions, and the like.
3. something that occupies space.
4. a particular kind of substance: coloring matter.
5. a situation, state, affair, or business: a trivial matter.
6. an amount or extent reckoned approximately: a matter of 10 miles.
7. something of consequence: matter for serious thought.
8. importance or significance: decisions of little matter.

8 ways to make Twitter your own

8 ways to make Twitter your own


1. a linear representation of important events in the order in which they occurred.
2. a schedule; timetable.

Moral Of The Story

The key word in the word timeline is the word time.

TIME IS MONEY – It’s All About The Benjamins PH Remix ft. Benjamin Franklin #MoneyMonday

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