Metaphysical Mackin' – The Secret Behind Creation By Dr. Pillai aka Dattatreya Siva Baba

DattatreyaSivaBaba - Metaphysical Mackin'

The time has come to begin the approach to the status of Space Age Pimpin’ at its fullest potential.
It has been revealed that there is a growing interest in, demand for, and openess to this type of discourse here at as well as int the modern maintream media world, plus we all know that the new in thing for the fly women of the world is the “enlightened guru” jump off, and when observed with the trained eye, the header image confirms that

Pimpin’ Has Been Pimpin’ Since Fish Have Been Swimmin’,

so I selected a pretty enlightened, yet rational and well respected individual named Dr. Pillai to offer some discource from a perspective of a person who was born and raised with this knowledge and can explain now popularized concepts with an easially understandable and rational appeal.

A space age pimpin’ perspective to consider.