KNOW YOUR WORTH – A 30 Day Notice Message From Rylan Branch

Image provided by Jew In The City.

Image provided by Jew In The City.

thirty-day notice

n. a notice by a landlord to a tenant on a mont-to-month tenancy or a hold-over tenant to leave the premises within 30 days. Such notice does not have to state any reason and is not based on failure to pay rent. The landlord’s service of the notice and the tenant’s failure to vacate at the end of 30 days provides the basis for a lawsuit for unlawful detainer (eviction) and a court judgment ordering the tenant to leave. While this is a common notice period, it does not apply in all states or all circumstances, such as local rent control ordinances.


Moral of the story

Timing is everything!

There are exactly thirty days left in the historic and prosperous year of 2013, and along with it, the self esteem boost initiatives phase of our mission before we move on to the future, a period of time in which the results of each of our decisions and actions will begin to harvest.

To Good Health.

Rylan Branch
The Janitor life Experience Magazine.