SHE GETS PAID TO TAKE SELFIES! – Social Media And Self Worth (Part 3) Starring Kim Kardashian West


19 hours ago
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Moral Of The Story (Solution)



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Greetings Earthlings and T.G.I.M. (Thank God It’s Monday!)

Lets start the first full week of February 2015 with some great news shall we?

According to Bill Gates as told in this previous post from earlier today, investing in women and girls is a viable solution for the emerging #NewEconomy, and we can conclude that he does have some credibility in regards to matters of technology as well as business in general, and from the looks of it, judging by yesterdays Superbowl commercial from T Mobile starring Kim Kardashian West as listed above, they too are also in agreement, which indicates that this line of thinking can and does open up new avenues of growth as well as job opportunities for others of the like who can show a generous return on such said investment, and all that is needed is the proper support system coming from individuals with the proper know how in regards to this and other matters regarding the #NewEconomy,

On a personal note, I can say without any shame that a round booty, along with a pretty face and other accessories in my face physically, as well as online, is definitely an enjoyable and well paying employment perspective to consider.