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1million dollars


One million (1,000,000) or one thousand thousand, is the natural number following 999,999 and preceding 1,000,001. The word is derived from the early Italian millione (milione in modern Italian), from mille, “thousand”, plus the augmentative suffix -one.

In scientific notation, it is written as 1×106 or just 106. Physical quantities can also be expressed using the SI prefix mega, when dealing with SI units. For example, 1 megawatt equals 1,000,000 watts.
It can be abbreviated MM, mm or mn in some financial contexts. The meaning of the word “million” is common to the short scale and long scale numbering systems, unlike the larger numbers, which have different names in the two systems.

The million is sometimes used in the English language as a metaphor for a very large number, as in “Never in a million years” and “You’re one in a million”, or a hyperbole, as in “I’ve walked a million miles” and “You’ve asked the million-dollar question”.

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Moral Of The Story (Solution/Thinking Out Loud)

Jermaine Dupri Ft. Jay-Z – Money Ain’t A Thang by magicgg91

“Come on, y’all wanna floss wit us
Cause all across the ball we burn it up
Drop a little paper, baby toss it up
Ya slackin’ on your pimpin, turn it up
See the money ain’t a thang.”
“Money Ain’t A Thang”
Jay Z (feat. Jermaine Dupri)

Lets see here.

The way that the mind of yours truly works, which is in a uniquely good way, we could say that if I did have a million dollars to spend as all money is made for spending, earning, or saving, I would most likely spend any portion of it from a single zero all the way up to six zeros with any number from 1-9 before it, on that which would be on something that serves me and satisfies some desire that I may have, or helps me to avoid some form is dissatisfaction in the future, and depending on the agreed upon monetary value of such said thing, and since I am in a generous mood today, we can consider this post as worth as much if not more than a million dollar answer to what is stated above in the Wikipedia definition of the term above as a million dollar question.

It’s the thought that counts!
Your Thoughts = What Just Did The Counting!

A “money aint a thing” perspective to consider.