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Antonique Smith

Film Actress
Antonique Smith is an American Broadway, film and television actress, and a Grammy nominated singer and songwriter. Wikipedia IMDB Instagram Twitter Facebook YouTube Personal Website



[val-yoo-uh-buh l, -yuh-buh l]

1. having considerable monetary worth; costing or bringing a high price:
a valuable painting; a valuable crop.

2. having qualities worthy of respect, admiration, or esteem:
a valuable friend.

3. of considerable use, service, or importance:
valuable information.

4. Usually, valuables. articles of considerable value, as of personal property, especially those of relatively small size:
They locked their valuables in the hotel safe.

Moral Of The Story (Solution/Mental Note To Self)


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Welcome Home and Happy Sunday!

Since yesterdays historic date was officially “four-one-one”, the decision was made to keep up with the upgrade traditions that we honor here at Your Friendly Neighborhood by serving you with the real “four-one-twelve” about this ever important and relevant subject of value.

First and foremost, this post is just a continuation and the next episode of the previous article featuring Antionique, where we are utilizing our resources to bring about change for the better through creating opportunities for growth and evolution by upgrading on and adding value to what is already being shared with us via social media by such said superstar stunners with Antionique providing the perfect example.

Simply put, as evident through the #BlackLivesMatter campaign, or the #BlackGirlsRock campaign, or gender equality campaigns, religious and cultural equality campaigns, sexual orientation equality campaigns, and just life in the current digital era, the real motive behind it all is the consideration and perception of value, and each individual’s and groups demand for it from other individuals as well as an increase of it for ones own self worth.

True Of False?
You like to be, and feel valued.

Good, and since the NBA Playoffs commence in less than one week from today, along with the excitement surrounding who will ultimately be selected as this years league MVP out of the current select group of star players who make the choice not as obvious and clear as it has been in previous years, we just decided to upgrade on the action by listing the dictionary definition of the term value-able, so that any and all who find this type of pimpformation to be of some value can asses what being valuable really entails in order to increase on it to the utmost degree that each ones own unique and infinite potential actually allows, so that we can have an overall global increase of MVP’s, as an abbreviation of the term (Most Valuable Players) with the realness of being a REAL MVP being realized through the knowledge and realization of the real and true definition of the term.

As an even more potent “four-one-twelve” upgrade, Antionique was selected to serve as a role model for this idea, due to the fact that she actually does have a Wikipedia page to communicate her actual value, because as a by product of social media and the Internet in general, where there is not yet an official governing body in place to decide and declare who is truly worthy as a general and common consensus, it is showing that “the universe” or the “collective consciousness” of society seems to be leaning more towards the online encyclopedia as a more viable track record and crediting system in regards to who has, is, and hopefully will continue to really pay the necessary dues to be sincerely considered as a valuable player in this all important business known as the business of show (showbiz).


To Be Continued.

Another “P” True Hollywood Story.