MONEY MAGNETISM – How We Can Tell Who’s Really “The Shit” Starring Kylie Jenner

I’m crazy #love

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Every story has its beginning.

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Moral Of The Story (Money Magnetism Solution)


Welcome Home!

Before we begin, the thought came to mind as to whether or not we should do another post featuring Kylie Jenner today as yesterdays entry here on PH was about her and her sister, and the website is starting to look like it is all about Keeping Up With The Kardashians, yet between us as friends, yesterday was actually a great day that led to earning money with out much of any effort, or extra effort other than just being myself, as well as the opportunity to meet some new people that actually bring something helpful to the table during my time spent offline, which is where I have decided to concentrate more of my time and attention as both a personal and business adjustment, and well, if it aint broke, then we don’t try to fix it, and even if it is broke, we still don’t try to fix it, we just focus on and only do what works, so this is really just another page in the chapter of an ongoing story, that like any and every story according to Kylie’s Instagram caption above, starts somewhere.

With that out of the way, I just wanted to share the news with those who are interested according to how I was taught and what works for me, which is as follows.

What you’ve got is not what makes you the shit.

Who you know is also not what makes you the shit.

What you actually do, which is to help other people feel like they are the shit when they are in your presence is what really makes you the shit, which first entails that you….

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feel like you are the shit and be fully comfortable in your own skin when you are all by your lonesome, without any major dependence on others to confirm this selfie analysis for you.

Other than pointing out the fact that the images above are actually attracting some of the highest like counts on Instagram out of all of its hundreds of millions of users and their uploaded images, confirming that Kylie Jenner has a lucrative and enjoyable career of being Kylie Jenner, we will  just leave this pimpformation on the table for today in our unusually authentic yet accurate way, and continue on with the show, which is just another “do what works” perspective to consider.