SHE LIKES TO HANG WITH THE PIMPIN (Part 4) – The “Pimp C” Book Release Starring Julia Beverly #GJWHF

Austin was great… next stop Dallas

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Pimp C: “Pimpin ain’t dead, it just moved to the web
Bitch ain’t gotta hit the track, ain’t gotta give no tricks no head
Ain’t got to give no tricks no pussy, just cameras and screens
Easiest money you can get, it’s the American Dream bitch!”

The Game Belongs To Me



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Click on the image above to review Part 4 of this PH #GJWHF Movement article.

Moral Of The Story (Why PH Is The Ultimate Solution)

A review of the last part of this article as listed above offers a clear and concise demonstration of what this is all about for those of us who are still in question and in need of answers.

Other than that, to close out the 2015 Summer and move in to the 2015 Fall season in PIMPISH’ fashion, we can just say that we really do like the where all of this is going, and where all of this is really going is none other than the place that we done took it!

A 2015 “Fall Back” perspective to consider.