TO GAIN ACCEPTANCE – Click Here To Learn How With A Kylie Jenner Demonstration Ft. Tyga’s Mugshot


Kylie Jenner Framed Tyga’s Mugshot For Her Bookshelf

It’s underneath a photo of her grandmother.
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Moral Of The Story (PH Acceptance Gaining Solution)

“Fuck with me, then I fuck with you
You don’t fuck with me, my nigga fuck you too.”


Welcome Home.

We might could keep things simple and say that like respect, one’s best shot at gaining acceptance from others, comes by way of giving it to others, but then, we would have to accept that extremely valuable solutions for some of the world’s most perplexing social issues, actually can and do come from right here at Mighty Mighty and the culture that it represents.

Test it out.

First start with giving your own self some authentic acceptance, and then see if whether or not you tend to gain more and better acceptance from other individuals that you give it to, than other individuals that you do not, and chalk it up as yet another life changing perspective to consider.