LIBERATION – The PH 2016 “Woman Thou Art Loosed” Remix Starring Kim Kardashian West


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Luke 13:12 And when Jesus saw her, he called her to him, and said unto her, Woman, thou art loosed from thine infirmity.


Moral Of The Story (PH Women’s Liberation Solution)

Welcome to International Women’s Day 2016!

As a follow up to yesterday’s post with Kim, which is actually just another page in an on going “P” True Hollywood Story, there has been what we can call an internal debate within the heart and mind of yours truly in regards to whether or not her pictures are more valuable and relevant than my words, as the Internet and Social Media seem to want to have us believe is true due to the subsequent imbalance in the number of likes, follows, clicks, comments, and overall interest in both offered products, yet since the ladies are the stars of the show and main attraction around these parts, and men are said to be more visually motivated, I decided to add a video clip to this article that was created by yours truly in April of 2013 regarding this new idea and line of thinking known as Kardashianiszm, to help me gain some clarity on the matter for the sake of my on mental, emotional, and financial well being, which also lends strength to the recent notion offered by the intelligent young women of Fifth Harmony along with music industry mogul L.A. Reid that encourages us to really do our homework, and with that said, we will turn the rest of the mission over to the universe, and continue on with the show, because the show must go on…

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