SHE’S A MODEL FORREALZ!!! – A New Hollywood For A New Economy Starring Jasmine Sanders



Thanks @ExtraTv for joining me yesterday at the @Moschino Resort show! 💕 #Moschino #JasmineSanders #Golden_Barbie A video posted by Jasmine Sanders (@golden_barbie) on

Moral Of The Story (About The Business…)


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Now how do we say this in English?

Well, since perception is reality, any of the many young women claiming to be models online can technically fit the description in a virtual reality type of world, yet in an actual reality world, when dealing with matters of economics and value, the fact that Jasmine a.k.a. Golden Barbie is represented by agencies that only work with a select few worthy individuals, in addition to her being pictured at a high fashion runway show repping for the luxury designer brand Moschino as we head into the 2016 Summer League Season, shows and proves that there is more than likely some type of internal difference that sets her apart from the pack because between us as friends, there are many and plenty of women online who look good on the outside only, yet again, the actual reality, when it comes to earning a living as a professional model, as opposed to one who lists themselves as a model and simply takes pictures with photographers or selfie images to post on “The Gram” in order to tag some companies and get some likes and follows, is that much more is required from whom much more is actually given.

The good news is that since this is the New Hollywood for a New Economy, and Jasmine has linked up with ExtraTV, and has combined the presentation with both Instagram and Snapchat, things are definitely coming together as planned, and the task at hand is to do what works and what Zendaya recommends in This Post On The Gram, and get me a girl that can do both!

Atta girl Jasmine.
Show em what the business is!

Another “P” True Hollywood Story.