THE CAUSE – Dinah Jane Hansen + Fifth Harmony Demonstrate The Payoffs For Being “DOWN” For It

This is so surreal to me!!!! #1 on iTunes in 20+ markets Top 5 – 38 Top 10 – 45 I mean I could ask, ” How ? How did this happen ?! ” but it’s pretty obvious as to who’s to claim this so called Victory!!!Haha viewing the charts right now , just proves how DOWN our Harmonizers truly are for us! I want you all to know that we do see the hard work y’all have been putting in and the interaction y’all have had with one another! Constantly strategizing and brainstorming ways for us to exceed in our career. When we don’t sleep, it’s like y’all don’t sleep either haha I mean y’all go above and beyond for us and I want you to know that we are standing tall right here, right now because of YOU! This is ALL because of you ! You guys make this journey one hell of a ride! Major shout out to the man himself, our A&R @chrisanokute !!!!! It’s important to have somebody like Chris in our corner because he’s made us recognize our strength, ability, and value in being in this business. Because of you we were given the opportunity to finally take control with our music into our own hands. Thank you for believing in us Chris ! Now that we have this single out, get ready for the even more exciting part ! The album 😜

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down for the cause

The Payoffs For Being Down For The Cause



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