Oprah Winfrey's "Cardinal Sin"- Endorsing Barack Obama

In the Aftermath of the Election of Barack Obama as President of the United States Of America, certain media outlets have expressed a distaste coming from individuals who were and are either
A.Pro Republican (John Mc Cain)
B.Anti Democrat (Barack Obama)

Oprahs TRUE INTEREST and Sentiment is now being questioned due to her very public endorsement of
Barack Obama in the initial stages of the campaign using her influence and clout to play the role of

We must also note that while her endorsement was well publicized with a slot on her well watched Talk Show dedicated to Obama, she and the Harpo Productions staff made a decision to not make any mention of the campaign process regarding either candidate on her show until the results were in.

The Drama unfolds after she was one of the only luminaries invited to attend the election commencement festivities in her home city of Chicago, in the state of Illinois which Obama is still officially the Senator of until the commencement in January of 2009.

After a long night of celebrating with tears of joy, she immediately proceeded to host a victory segment on her talk show within less than 24 hours of the election results. from my understanding , the post election show was scheduled to go on regardless of which candidate was declared the victor.

Since it is a well known fact that a large share of Oprah Winfrey’s fan base is comprised of middle aged Caucasian Women, some of which were in favor of a McCain Palin ticket with Joe The Plumber as the face of the idea, her credibility and trust factor is now being called into question in regards to her
TRUE AGENDA, and some of her “loyal followers” are now said to be questioning whether or not her endorsement of products is biased and tainted , which they are classifying as a possible career sabotage

Oprahs Classic Moment in The Color Purple Movie

Much can be said in regards to the current state of affairs in the aftermath of the 2008 Presidential Election, which is beneficial to us as it provides enough subject matter to debate about for eons.
We can keep this one simple and say that

After The Grass Is Cut, The Snake Will ALWAYS Show

In regards to the BUSINESS Application, her show , which plays a large part in her current economic status as a Billionaire, generates revenues through advertising, and I do believe that at this point in time, a word from B-Rock retains its weights worth in platinum, and on the list of individuals and shows that he as a head of state would grant an interview to, we can see who would be first in line and perhaps one of a number of five or less , and regardless of whether or not individuals love it or hate it, you can best believe that they WILL check it.

So In Closing

In The Words of B-Rad G from Malibu’s Most Wanted
we stand with Oprah and send this message….