Does Barack Obama Know How To PARTY!! Economic Solutions 2009

Welcome Home!
Today’s Mission~
To communicate what I have to say in the most effective way?
All I know to do is to call it like it see it, which again is The Easy Way.

At this time of economic turmoil in the world and a variety of things which challenge the societies condition as a whole, I can see how me always focusing on the entertainment sector of world industry can be seen as out of touch with reality.
All I ask from you is to just follow along with this script for entertainment purposes for today ,and chalk it up as nothing other than that…ENTERTAINMENT.

My personal belief before the election was simply that which ever candidate had the Livest Party would win the election.
American Politics is based on a PARTY System if I am not mistaken.

Enter Barack Obama, who since the inception of his candidacy, draws large crowds with record breaking numbers to his campaign rally, to the point where some of his opponents began to label him as

This now, is all historical record, yet we are as of the time and date of this entry only days away from the inauguration and swearing in ceremony to make things official.(1-20-09)

Again , in a time of a global recession which is growing larger by the minute, especially in the State of California, with a huge deficit, Congress has just cleared quite a few billion dollars for use by the
Chief Executive in order to boost the economy. Again, the economy never seems to be in such bad shape that it prevents individuals from attending political events, as is the current state of affairs in the
Nations Capital . (U.S.A.)

Does Barack Obama know how to party?
It depends on who you ask, yet what if this minor and simple detail was actually the
Whole Entire Solution
for the problems that we are currently facing?

Lets use the  Victory Celebration in Chicago, via 11/04/2008,
to see what we can come up with for effective economic solutions.

A stadium size crowd of people arrived at Grant Park, and chances are, they needed somewhere to park their vehicles…

THERE Goes Some MONEY right there!

Chances are that those vehicles ran on gasoline, which some gas station and oil company had to provide.

THERE Goes Some MONEY right there!

The City of Chicago does have an extensively traveled public transportation system which was probably used to get many people to the venue.

THERE Goes Some MONEY right there!

People actually do tend to get hungry and thirsty and someone surely would have to provide refreshments, and restaurants and hot dog stands around Chicago would serve snacks and full meals.

THERE Goes Some MONEY right there!

From what I know (Which is JUST ENOUGH) women tend to want to look their best when out on the town, especially for an historic event as such, so wardrobe, and cosmetic necessities  would need to be taken care of by someone.

THERE Goes Some MONEY right there!

Many individuals actually flew in to one of Chicago’s airports to attend the victory celebration, so some airline tickets were sold along with business now generated for hotels, car rentals and other travel expenses.

THERE Goes Some MONEY right there!

For this type of event, adequate security and entertainment services (DJ’s and Musicians) needed to be provided by someone.

THERE  Goes Some MONEY right there!

And to keep this long list abbreviated, the souvenir hustler needed to have a stock of Obama memorabilia
merchandise on hand for the people in this SLUMPING ECONOMY!
someone needs to manufacture, distribute and sell these items.

THERE Goes Some MONEY right there!

All in exchange for what?
In essence, Barack Obama’s, primary job function is to Speak and Write, in order to better
Show People A Good Time!

Of course, many would conclude that  there are more important matters at hand to think about, other than Just Partying, so those are subjects to be dealt with by the experts, yet it appears that at the end of it all, everyone usually looks for a great excuse to celebrate whenever they are able, and the economy seems to flourish and function in a near perfect state during these times, so long as The Source Of The Party knows how to Keep The Crowd Hype.
Call it A Stimulus Package!

I would be as bold to say that perhaps its just BLACK PEOPLE STUFF, you know, with Africa and the Drums and all, and I can say it with faith that it has always worked for me, because well, this is the kind of stuff we actually offer.

Like I said, the EASY WAY is  what works best for me, and if it has shown to work for
The 44th President of The United States Of America

(First Official Presidential Portrait Shot, with a DIGITAL CAMERA)

might just COULD work for you too!

See You At The Top
( And Bring A Friend!!)

Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin