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The experts say that PLEASE is the magic word, and if you continue to follow along on this journey on the road to self realization, you too will be able to ascertain the reasons why this statement and simple truth has proven to be correct.

Today’s discussion is in regards to an extremely significant subject, and that subject is simply YOU and your significance. Lets see what the word means before we explore.

sig-nif-i-cant [sig-nif-i-kuhnt] Show IPA
1. important; of consequence.
2. having or expressing a meaning; indicative; suggestive: a significant wink.
3. Statistics. of or pertaining to observations that are unlikely to occur by chance and that therefore indicate a systematic cause.

I often get the Pimpformation that I share with you from some very unexpected places, so try this scenario on for size.

Yesterday while conducting some Fall Cleaning duties, I came across a magazine that was on the shelf in a cabinet where I keep some of my magazine collection. It seemed to jump out at me, as right on the cover, the title says


That is an excellent question yet a more interesting one is as to the name of this publication. The answer?

The Watchtower.

The date on this particular issue that I am referring to is July 15, 2003, which is most likely around the time when I received it.

I am not a practicing Jehovah’s Witness or follower of any religion for that matter, yet I am some person who seems to always attract people from different faiths who want to share their literature with me,which I gladly accept, so there is a fair amount of media from quite a few different groups located around various parts of my home.

Rarely do I throw any of it away because I guess I really do practice doing onto others as I would have them do unto me, and know full well that I wouldn’t wish for someone to throw my work away, even if they didn’t agree with it or subscribe to it.

Anyhow, inside of publication, on the first page, is a quote by Albert Einstein which is as follows

“Almost the whole of our actions and desires is bound up with the existence of other human begins”- Albert Einstein

Interestingly enough the Jehovah’s Witness group respects the words of Albert Einstein enough to quote his words, so I guess it really is the same song all around the world when its all done and said.

As I read the intro, I thought to myself that this is the exact area of focus that I have been concentrating  on for a few weeks now, if not the whole entire time of the existence for Your Friendly Neighborhood, so when I saw this title on the cover, I said to myself..

“Well, if this aint what I see on the Internet everyday, then I don’t know what else is”- Rylan Branch

With that said, we now know how this discussion came about, as with many others, which is through…. well, just somehow.. someway!

Lets get into it shall we?

significant other
1. Sociology. a person, as a parent or peer, who has great influence on one’s behavior and self-esteem.
2. a spouse or cohabiting lover.

I selected this image because in actuality, you as the viewer selected the image, and it is shown as one of the top 5 image selections on a
Google Image search of the term , following Limp Bizkit and the album title with the same name.

This I believe explains why Einsteins quote is accurate which also answers the question stated in the Watchtower publication, regarding the need for others.

Others are significant because others signify. That sounds philosophical, even to me, so more simply put, significance is usually assigned to people by other people, so people make the world go round, and people make people important.

For your viewing pleasure, the definition of the word is what we started this entry with.

Since this post is for you and about you, the question then becomes this. What gives YOU your meaning and importance? What makes you significant in the eyes of others and in your own eyes?
Lets just say that the desire to feel important and have meaning in the lives of others is a desired goal that many are seeking to achieve in the world, and especially in online social networking arenas.

From what I know, the best way to be able to know is simply through asking yourself.

As an app to be used, I would simply say to take notice of any person who you believe to be important or significant. The reasons will vary from person to person, yet what is always is the same is as listed in the definition of significant other, which is great influence of behavior and self esteem on others.

More simply put, there is something about the individual who you assign significance to that affects your emotions and well being for better or worse, hopefully better.

I am not saying that it is your goal to increase your degree of significance, but if it just happenes to be, then perhaps it would be a simple matter of matching your perspective, attitude and behavior to be in alignment with the individuals who you and others assign importance to, and again, it is usually always based on something that they offer to you and others.

A common mix up that I see continuously is when individuals, especially young women, are made to believe that the way to gain greater significance if any significance at all is to only have a personal need to feel important.

To help clear up the confusion, in most cases, do you yourself tend to find people who need you to make them feel important very important people ?

Perhaps to a small degree you would, yet it usually is the person who serves your needs who you assign importance to, and that would show that the way to achieve greater significance is through being a person who serves the needs of others, just like the individuals who serve your needs and the needs of others do and likewise achieve a status of significance.

I have noticed a stand still in many areas of the entertainment industry, as well as life in general over the past few years, and it has simply been due to a lack of effective leadership along with fear and doubt in the hearts and minds of people, which leads individuals to have to go at it blindly and without sound guidance, so to help shed some light in regards to the often over estimated value of good looks and material possessions as representations of significance, simply refer to this link–>How To Increase Your Kool Factor.

In closing, the simple reason I spend my time sharing this information with you,  is due to the fact that in most ways, I have already achieved my goals of being successful and significant, so I have had to set  new challenges for myself over the past few years in regards to helping others to rise and shine, which explains a bit more thoroughly why the statement is often posted along with my tag photo image below, which is a solution for the scenario of loneliness at the top.
The writing is on the wall, so read em & peep!

A different perspective to consider.

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