Facebook Spam Crisis – Will You Become A Victim?


Noun: A canned meat product made mainly from ham.
Verb: Send the same message indiscriminately to (large numbers of recipients) on the Internet.
Let’s keep this one as simple and brief as possible while simultaneously making like Braney Fife from the Andy Griffith show and “nipping it in the bud”.
It has been a longstanding belief amosgt tech industry experts and analyists that regardless of a products effectiveness the quality and status of its enthusiasts and users will ultimately determine the overall success of the product and ventures in the long run.
The new age spiritual gurus also hold true to the now popularized stance that like attracts like, so if applied to the Internet, spam and the idividuals who distribute it will attract and be attracted to spam and enviornments which house it.
In the intial stages of the Facebook popularity boom soon after the intergity collapse of Myspace due to a similar set of events which led to a mass migration, some interesting and philisophically relevant factors began to appear, such as the one written about on the CNN website.

Debunked: Why you’ll never have to pay for Facebook

June 18, 2010|By Nicholas Carlson, Special to CNN

via CNN.com 6-18-2010 "The fact that you keep coming back to Facebook makes it easier for Facebook to sell more ads -- and make more money."

Millions of Facebook addicts worldwide worry that someday soon they’ll have to pay to use the site.
If you go to Facebook.com and search for the terms “Facebook free” or “Facebook charge,” you’ll find hundreds of groups with names like, “If 1 Million People Join Before 9th July 2010 Facebook Will Stay Free!” or “If Facebook Charges A Fee We Will Discontinue Using It.” Some of these groups have dozens of users, others have thousands.
During a recent press conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said while Facebook users do care about privacy, the question of whether or not Facebook will eventually charge for its service is actually a much bigger concern among the site’s 500 million users.
In closing, my personally held belief for those who care to know, is that this issue with spam actually reflects an even bigger crisis that modern society faces at large which comes as a result of over-consumption and subsequent debt, so before we all hop on the Google + bandwagon in the same process that led from a switch and refugee migration from Myspace to Facebook, and which Google Inc. appears to have been smart enough to asses and circumvent by keeping its user base exclusive and limited, directly contradicting that popular longstanding belief that a websites value is equated by the quantity of its users and content, as opposed to the quality of its users and content, I will end with what we can label as an RB Short Story using 140 characters or less.
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“Let’s use as much as we WANT & more than we NEED, I Mean its FREE right?” L8r that day,they learned that it was POISON.What Happens Nxt?
Got it? Good, now on with the show.
A different perspective to consider.