THE BOOK OF SELFISH – Getting To The “Bottom” Of The Social Media Selfie Business Starring Kim Kardashian West



By Kim Kardashian West


Moral Of The Story (Social Media Selfie Solution)


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The cold part about what has manifested in regards to Keeping Up With The Kardashians on Social Media is that Kylie Jenner at 17 years young, actually gets the most likes on average for her Instagram selfie uploads, even more than Kim Kardashian West who has approximately 9 million more followers, so the decision has been made to shift our focus to the future and ways that we can create it as something spectacular, because between us as friends, the technology being used to accomplish these “selfish” types of tasks is generally not developed and implemented by its most popular, fervent, and frequent users, which means that our enjoyable and well paying work here at Your Friendly Neighborhood is cut out for us with the size of the slices increasing exponentially by the second.

A “roll up our sleeves and get to work” perspective to consider.