LIFE = WOMEN + MONEY – Focused On The Kake (Part 2) Starring Kendall Jenner #MoneyMonday

still can’t hear #Glastonbury #CaKe

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cake KAKE2

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Moral Of The Story (PH Kaked Up Solution)

Greetings Earthlings and T.G.I.M.(Thank God Its Monday) #MoneyMonday.

Between us as friends, what had happened was…..

The morning got started with me asking a Higher Power about exactly how we are to proceed from this point, going into the next month and fullness of the 2015 Summer, and what to say if anything about the BET Awards show that aired last night and what is really going on in regards to the business of show as a whole, and what efforts if any should be invested into getting people out of what seems to be some kind of a stuck on stupid karma loop, and while making my social media rounds, I came across the latest Instagram post from Kendall Jenner, which reminds us of the very last feature post here at Your Friendly Neighborhood, and the response was that Energy Flows Where Attention Goes and that I simply need to keep the trust in myself and that which is guiding my fingers to do the talking, and stay focused on The Kake, and everything will fall into perfect alignment for the best interest of myself and all who are on the same page, and according to the PH post below that can be reviewed by clicking on the image,


there are way more people who are in alignment with the program than those who are not or not yet, so do what works and work with those who do what works, which is exactly who and what I do like most best!

Got it?
Good, now lets hit it and get it (Cake)!


A “Butcher, Baker, and Candlestick Maker” perspective to consider.