CHEATERS, PLAYERS, PIMPS – Male Female Relationships And The Ashley Madison Scandal Made Simple


Ok, the first person I heard actually say this in public was Ice T, although it is a widely known hood parable in urban environments, and with that said, lets get our shoes laced so that we can walk our walk without tripping and look at this important modern digital culture matter as brought to our awareness by the recent Ashely Madison membership data leak scandal.


A cheater is the type of dude who will tell a woman that their relationship is exclusive and say “hey baby, it’s gonna be me and you together as a couple in a committed relationship”, but then have his actions directly contradict his words due to the trouble or inconvenience it would cause by saying the truth and acting accordingly and subsequently having him living his life according to her rules and codes of conduct with her pudding as the prize and denial of it as the penalty.


A player is the type of dude that is somewhat in the middle where it is almost assumed that he is not gonna be exclusively committed to one woman on a physically intimate level, even though he may at some point say that the relationship is exclusive and play the part for public viewing when each believe it to be necessary, yet at the same time, he is also not necessarily going to rub those facts in the face of his partner due to the inconvenience that comes by way of being completely honest and the hurt that is usually attributed to the truth, yet it gives some women a since of control over the relationship due to the fact that he is living in fear of the consequences of going outside of her preferences and its potential losses and damages.


A pimp, mean ole villain and worst of the bunch, is the type of dude that will let a woman know that it is gonna be him and her working together, as a team, and then, if she chooses to accept the upfront terms, and if circumstances permit, he will actually tell another potential female partner the same exact thing, and perhaps another, the more the better, and then, and this is the key…

And then, at some point will have all of those women together in a conversation letting each of them know that they all will be working together as one unit, with him as the coach and team leader, and then proceed to say  ” and now that we’ve got the facts straight and are on the same page, yall go ahead and get your uniforms on and get ready to rock, because it’s game time in just a few hours, and we are the predicted championship team playing for keeps, and one of yall is likely gonna be the league MVP based on your own hard work, dedication, and performance this season.”

The ultimate key in the entry is that each relationship situation is really a direct result of the woman’s choice which she on some intuitive level or another knows that she making from the start, for better or worse, as each has it’s benefits and detriments in the Game Of Life.


A “Truth Shall Set You Free” perspective to consider.