THE DESIRE TO BE ADMIRED (Part 2) – Kim Kardashian West Teaches Women How To “Kick Down”


kick down2

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Truth Be Told

Yeah mayne.

The simple truth about this here social media is showing itself to be about women and their desire to be admired more than anything else, and when it comes to yours truly, her willingness and ability to kick down things that are helpful and valuable to me, and seek ways to make my day be a lucky one every single day is the most admirable trait above all others, so much so that I am currently headed out into the hot Southern California Saturday sun on the lookout for those of the like, because if it works for Kim with 45 million followers on Twitter, and 74.2 million on Instagram, there are bound to be plenty of others who are in it to win it, and are looking to do what really works by following her example as a model citizen and attain my respect and admiration which results in some phenomenal blessings.

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

“Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”

-Tony Robbins
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A “City Of Angels/Summer Sixteen” perspective to consider.