A CELEBRITY BY DEFINITION – Starring Kim Kardashian Superstar West


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Moral Of The Story (PH Celebrity Status Solutions)



Authentically Speaking…

Put Yourself In My Size Twelve Shoes For A Moment…

What should actually be a no brainier has shown to be one of the most perplexing and mentally challenging tasks for your truly in the age of digital media because to me, the term celebrity is nothing more than a category that I select before publishing an article for public viewing, and if I make the mistake of labeling the wrong individuals as a celebrities, then we can and do loose some credibility and validity in the eyes of our viewers as their sentiments and internal dialogue often says “that’s cute and all, but we know damn well “I” or “SHE” ain’t no damn celebrity and he or they are just trying to run some game and get something from her or me that they already have and are not in need of”, even though again, for yours truly, it (CELEBRITY) ain’t nothing but a word that is a status category as pictured above for reference, that when selected by yours truly makes it an official and actual fact of life, but thanks to Kim Kardashian Superstar West, with somewhat of a different thought process, we can now just leave her stranded in the celebrity status box all by her lonesome here on PimpHop.com for a while until further notice when the others can actually envision it (a celebrity) as what they truly are, as opposed to what they wanna be, because actually being an actual celebrity would take the fun and challenge out of chasing after the status and keeping up with the one who actually occupies the space.

It is written, and so it is…


Another “P” True Hollywood Story.