(Repost) THE VALUE OF A MAN’S ATTENTION – #FixTheInternet Starring Kim Kardashian And Blac Chyna

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(Editors Note – Wednesday November 12, 2o14)
Article originally published on January 6, 2014 by Rylan Branch

Now that we are going into the final part of the year with a temporarily Broken Internet, we here at your friendly Neighborhood PimpHop.com as I.T. professionals decided to throwback the story to the beginning of the year with the article that is featured below, so that we can bring the system back up in correct order and alignment, for those who may be in the mood to choose to join us and get with the program.

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Moral of the story

Greetings Earthlings and T.G.I.M. (Thank God Its Monday!)

Today, yours truly as the author of this post decided to switch up the style and routine around these parts and begin the day with some commentary at 8:13 AM while it is fresh in my mind and before I conduct any other business aside from my morning coffee and meditation session, so its on with the show!

Introducing Instagram Web Embeds

5 months ago: #news, instagram news

Today, we’re excited to introduce web embedding for Instagram content and bring you an easy way to add Instagram photos and videos to the stories you want to tell.

Source (Read More): http://blog.instagram.com/post/55095847329/introducing-instagram-web-embeds

Simply put, from a novice perspective of online social media service trends, it appears to show itself at the root as a tool that is widely utilized by women to gain attention, and in this particular case, the attention of the male side of the human species, and thanks to the new embedded post options that most major online social media services are now offering such as the live Instagram images and captions as seen above, we are now better able to serve and demonstrate the value of this online life experience publication along the the value of a mans attention, in this particular instance, the attention and investment of time by yours truly, Rylan Branch.

Question: Why in particular does she primarily want and need attention from a man?

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Answer: So that he may consider the option of making an investment so that she can conceive and produce life in the form of a child.

There we have it!

Social media and the root fundamentals of life made simple, by which all other matters of human existence may also be simplified and made better, beginning first with the consideration of this pro life-pro choice perspective.

Choose Wisely!